Ways for rating cell phone plans for students

A smartphone is a must-have for any college student. However, the ever soaring prices of such high-end phones have made it more difficult for students to afford a decent cell phone. In such cases, a mobile phone contract is the best option to enable a college student’s access a good Smartphone without drying out your savings. So, if you opt for a mobile plan, here are some few considerations that you need to make.

No credit check mobile phones

Chances are that as a student you might not even have a credit history. Or perhaps your score is so poor that no carrier would want to risk on you. You need not to worry as there are no credit check mobile phones just for you. This means that you will not be subjected through any credit checks for your application to be approved. Some of the plans that do not need credit checks are prepaid, SIM only contracts, cheaper smartphones or guaranteed mobile phones. Simply do your research and benchmark the best provider who will suit your needs well.

Coverage options

It is necessary for you to remember that as a student, you will be doing a lot of travelling between workplace, home and school. Don’t forget all the class and academic trips you take every year to different places. Therefore, ensure you pick a plan that has good enough to coverage for anywhere you might be.

Phone prices

You definitely need a smartphone, but you do not want to pay a whopping amount for it. Remember all the books and projects you have to pay for? That’s why you should consider going for a handset can browse, text, be your camera and your small computer. However, ensure it has a reasonable price. Do not forget to shop around for the cheapest deals around before settling on one. Bear in mind that the first deal is not always the best deal.

Unlimited talk, text and data

It is estimated that the average student uses an upwards of 5GB per month. Indeed college students use data and text so much, and you are no exception. Before choosing a plan, ensure you have prioritized all your monthly texts and data usage. Opt for a bundle with more data and text. If you do more calling, then do not hesitate to have more minutes than data and texts. This way you will save yourself from extra and unnecessary charges.