Tips for reselling your old smartphone

Your phone has served you well and brought you lots of memories. However, it may be getting old and should be replaced. So, if you are thinking of reselling, here are a few tips that can help you make the most out of it.

Selling is all about timing

When reselling your old phone, it is imperative that you get the timing just right. Remember, everything has its peak value, and that’s the best time to make the sale if you’re looking for the greatest returns. For instance, think about the iPhone which is usually upgraded annually. The optimal time to sell therefore would be just before the new version is released. You will earn more selling the current model of a phone other than the “previous model”. The same thinking can be applied to all types of smartphones.

Pimp your phone

Did you know that you set the resale price of your phone from the first day you start using it? And while careful treatment of the gadget will ensure it is in good condition, some scratches, wear and tear will always show up. That is why you need to customise your old phone if you want to raise its resale value.

First, start with the outside. Ensure the screen and buttons are clean and shiny, and if there are any parts that are truly broken, replace them. You don’t need any heavy duty detergents; water and vinegar would do, and if need be you could add a dab or two of rubbing alcohol.

Additionally, if your phone is running a little slower, speed it up by uninstalling some old apps. Freeing up the SD card goes a long way in boosting its speed.

Add some useful extras

In order to increase your phone’s resale value, be sure to include its original packaging, charger, SIM slot key and adapter. By doing this, you will show the buyer that you cared enough to keep them. Alternatively, add some low-cost extras such as screen protectors, dashboard holders, and even compatible wireless chargers. This way you will be saving your buyer from shopping around for the same items he/she might need. It’s a win-win situation that could reap you extra bucks.

Contract status

Is your phone a no-credit check contract phone? Well, ensure you have cleared its contract with your providers before reselling. If not, make sure you read through the terms and conditions and confirm whether there’s a provision for selling it. This is because the provider can bar it from use if they realise it being used by an account different from the original one. What’s worse, if you fail to pay up your monthly instalments, the new owner will soon be in the possession of a blacklisted phone. It would take a lot of hassle to get it reactivated. Therefore, avoid damaging your credit history even more and save your buyer some trouble.