Simple household items for cleaning your smartphone

It should not come as a surprise that our smartphones are dirty and that they carry a lot of bacteria. After all, we carry them everywhere we go! A recent study revealed that most phones have more germs than a toilet seat. That is why a quick wipe of your phone with your shirt isn’t going to help much. Since it’s a precious gem that we can’t do without, you need to regularly clean and disinfect it. This shouldn’t be a costly or difficult task as you can use the simple household items you have lying around the house. Here’s how you can go about it without breaking the bank.

Cotton swabs

Perhaps you did not know that cotton swabs can do a pretty good job in cleaning your phone. Use these swabs to do away with tiny crumbs and dust specs that settle in the hard-to-reach areas of your phone. Similarly, they’re effective in cleaning the ports and cases. Simply brush the swabs over the dirty parts. You could dampen them with either distilled water or rubbing alcohol. Avoid over wetting the swabs as you could damage your phone.

Rubbing alcohol

Alcohol is a quick alternative that can give you a clean and sanitized phone. However, bear in mind that alcohol has the potential to damage the protective coating of your phone, ultimately ruining it. It is more suitable for using on hard plastic and keypads. Therefore, if you use a plastic case, do not hesitate to dampen a cotton cloth or swab with rubbing alcohol. Just mix an equal proportion of rubbing alcohol with water to make it less abrasive. Then use the mixture to dampen the piece of cotton cloth and gently wipe your device to kill the bacteria present. Be careful not to rub too hard to avoid squeezing alcohol into the phone and removing any rubber coating or clear finishing.

Distilled water

Use distilled water to clean the screen and camera lenses of your phone. Additionally, you can use it to clean metal trims on your phone without damaging them. It is important that you avoid using tap water because unlike distilled water, it contains chemicals and will leave a film once it dries. When cleaning your screen, ensure you carefully remove the protector so as to prevent cracks from spreading. If it has major cracks, it is better if you leave the protector on. After all, it will keep moisture out of the phone.

Microfiber or lint-free cotton cloth

Using a microfiber or lint-free cloth is a low-cost and simple way of cleaning your phone. You probably have one lying around in your house as most computers, sunglasses and mobile devices come with a free microfibre cloth. But if you don’t have one, worry not. You can easily purchase it from an eyeglasses store or pharmacy. Using the lint-free cotton cloth for cleaning your phone is pretty simple. Just dampen it with few drops of distilled water or rubbing alcohol, and gently wipe the phone. Ensure you leave some dry corner so that you can use it to wipe away the moisture. The good thing about these cotton clothes is that unlike paper napkins, they will softly clean your phone without the risk of scratching it.


When cleaning your phone, ensure you start by switching it off. You can then proceed to remove its casing or cover if you use any as there’s usually so much dirt underneath. Additionally, if you can, do not forget to remove the battery to avoid damaging it. All in all, keep your phone clean and sterilised at all times.