About us

Our business at Hampden Phones is very simple; to help all our customers access mobile contracts easily without breaking the bank even with poor credit history. We all need to make some financial choices at some point and unfortunately, we navigate such important decisions without clarity. That’s why Hampden Phones is here. With our straightforward and honest advice, you are assured of guidance into making the best moves when it comes to mobile contracts. Hampden Phones offers you more choices and an astounding variety of phones than you’d hardly find elsewhere. Among our collections are the coolest and newest smartphones from your favourite brands such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG among others. Similarly, we have a variety of low-end cheap affordable phones for your money.

Why you should choose us

Those who know a thing or two about cell phone contracts have great things to say about Hampden Phones. We have over the years climbed the ladders to become the one of the best providers in the UK. Hampden Phones is an authorized and regulated body that follows lending rules and regulations to the latter.

Top-notch customer service

At Hampden Phones we do not have any secret ingredient for our success. It is simple. You are our first priority. We will ensure that our customers save money on their contracts and enjoy the best customer experience they’ve ever had. Perhaps, top-notch customer service is what keeps us at the top of the ladder. Hampden Phones understands that you could be having questions concerning our products, and we’ve put together a dedicated customer care team to address all concerns. You are assured of quick response within one hour. And for instantaneous response, visit our website and FAQs page. Additionally, at Hampden Phones we respect and protect your information. We will not sell your personal information, and you will only be contacted at your request and with your permission.

No credit checks mobile phones

Almost 100 percent of all applications sent in to Hampden Phones are approved. No matter how many rejections you have had to face before, at Hampden Phones, you can be assured that your application will not be disregarded. After all, we do not conduct credit checks, so your chances of approval are high. You are guaranteed of a phone for as long as you meet all our eligibility criteria (are 18 years of age and a citizen of the UK), prove affordability and give true information on your application.

Noise reduction

Transaction noise is the last thing you will experience at Hampden Phones. We understand that there’s a lot of noise out there, and you don’t need any more of it. That is why our procedures are simple and well stated. Hampden Phones also provides professional and unbiased advice that is straightforward and genuine to guide you. What’s more, you can even choose to buy items online from the comfort of your home if you want to escape the hassle of high street shopping.